FREE Parking

From 8am- 6 pm, Monday through Friday there is FREE parking is available on Broad Street and on all side streets.

This is considered “two-hour parking” and is strictly enforced!

Parking behind the Lamar building is no longer permitted.

Paid parking is available at the parking garage on Reynolds and 9th street.

Restricted Areas

There is no free access, public parking between Broad Street and Reynolds Street behind the Imperial Theatre.  All property behind the Imperial Theatre is privately owned and privately controlled.

The spaces immediately behind and against the back wall of the theatre are reserved on a twenty-four hour basis.  Unauthorized vehicles are subject to immediate towing at the owner’s expense.

The spaces behind the LAMAR building are also reserved. Unauthorized vehicles are subject to immediate towing at the owner’s expense.

Cast, crew, staff and all others (including audiences attending daytime functions) are subject to these regulations.

Please use special care in observing the above regulations.  The Imperial Theatre is not responsible for your vehicles nor is the theatre able to get parking tickets forgiven.

Loading / Bus Parking

For loading activity, arrangements must be made with the theatre, which maintains cooperative agreements for this activity with owners of the adjoining properties.  In all cases, loading must be conducted efficiently as possible to minimize the inconvenience of those who pay to uses theses parking areas on a regular, daily basis.

For school bus parking information, contact the Imperial Theatre Administrative offices at 706-722-8293 well in advance of your event.