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Rhonda Vincent and the Rage

A firecracker of talent that powers one of the hottest shows in any genre of music!

World Class Musicians, and an Award Winning Voice seamlessly set the stage for a breath-taking, one-of-a-kind, must-see performance; that reaches beyond the boundaries of bluegrass music!

Written words can give you but a glimpse of the artist known as The Queen of Bluegrass, as deemed by the Wall Street Journal. But it’s only when you see this artist, that you can feel the energy and experience the excitement of her music, to truly know why she and her amazing band are the “Most Award Winning Band in Bluegrass Music History, with over 100 awards!”

Breaking a stereotypical image, Rhonda Vincent takes the stage in designer gowns, stiletto heels, in a take-charge manner, far from the type set that Hollywood has portrayed as the image of acoustic music.

“We’re changing the landscape of our music in many aspects; to show we are sophisticated, educated, and hold a deep respect for the tradition of our music, keeping the roots embedded within the perimeters of our songs, to create a balance of tradition mixed with a contemporary flare, and present our own unique brand of music,” Rhonda explains.

“We want our listeners to hear with their hearts,” says Rhonda. “Music is a business, but I hope we don’t let it show that much,” she continues, “The business part is a necessity; but most of all it’s the love of the music, that keeps us doing what we do!”

Rhonda Vincent makes having a successful career look easy. Behind the scenes, she’s a savvy businesswoman with a tireless work ethic. At center stage, she makes a magical transformation to wow her audiences, with a fresh cover girl face, and complimentary curves; all while showing off her chops as the genre’s finest vocalist, and playing break-neck riffs on the mandolin.

The Voice of Rhonda Vincent is the centerpiece, surrounded by the rhythms of each instrument; featuring the individual styles of the world class musicians that collectively make up The Rage. Their talent is unmatched. Each and every member can sing every part, and play every instrument. Their depth of skill sets the stage for the highest level of professionalism in every performance.

Reaching beyond the boundaries of bluegrass music……

Rhonda Vincent & The Rage are one of the HOTTEST TICKETS in any genre of music!



The band got their start back in September of 2003, the end result of several of Carolyn’s and Daniel’s previous projects. From the beginning, they’ve embodied the American working band, pushing through challenges that would bring most of us to our knees. Just a few years after their formation, their original record label folded, and Carolyn suffered a stroke that left her unable to speak, let alone sing. But barreling past those early trials toughened them, and the muscle and callouses that came with them have led Nu-Blu to ever-new heights, like their single “Jesus and Jones,” which had a run on the radio charts as part of their last release, All The Way.

Their constant traveling has also changed the way they make music.  Several tracks on Vagabonds found their way to the band almost on their own. “We were playing this show and we just kinda decided we’d do ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door.’” explains Carolyn. “We hadn’t rehearsed it; we hadn’t even played it together before. But we pulled it off that night, and the audience loved it.” That growing relationship with their audience is what fuels the band both creatively and emotionally; making the thousands of miles they’ve traveled an honor instead of a chore. “If anything, I feel like the road has made us a

sunnier bunch. In past albums, we’ve tended to gravitate towards the songs that make you cry,” says Carolyn, “but on this one, there are a number of just happy, happy songs.” Armed with a growing sense of joy and a love of music that only deepens, Nu-Blu will soon be taking Vagabonds through big and small towns, over highways and backroads, to listeners everywhere, sharing their unique sound, a disregard for the limits of genre, and a set of stories that will make their way straight to your heart.


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