Further details – including House lighting plot and instrument inventory available upon request.

Additional equipment is rented according to act.

All inventories are subject to change. Contact us for confirmation of lighting/technical specifications.

Stage Dimensions

Proscenium opening: 18’H X 36’6’’W
Depth from plaster line to back wall: 29’6’
Apron extension: 5’ in front of proscenium
Wing space: 12’ stage left / 13’ stage right
Height / Grid from stage floor: 51’
Fly Gallery: stage right: 24’ with a 21’ drop max
Loading door: stage left 8’W X 8’H at 33 above stage level with 4’W X 12’L ramp. Outside opens to ground level.
Crossover/Dressing room entrances along back wall: 4’W X 7’6”H

Rigging / Draperies

20 double purchase lines (steel)
2 hemp sets
Battens – 44’ l
Pipe full out – various
Black Velour drapes – 2 at 44’ X 20’
50’ X 21’ h sewn flat with grommets (6” on center)
10 legs 10’ w X 25’ h
Sky Blue Cyc – 44’ w X 22’ h
Main drape – rising
Adjustable valance
JLG Lift – 20’ extended

Sound System


Nexo Alpha
Main 2 over 2 ground stacked stage left and right in front of proscenium
With Left & Right balcony, under balcony, and upper balcony delayed fills
Front fills at four points at stage level

Yamaha DME24N
Nexo NX242 (x2)

Power Amplifier(s):
Yamaha  T3, T4, T5

Front of House Mixing Console: Yamaha M7CL


Speaker(s): JBL SRX 700 (x8)

Power Amplifier(s): Crown CTs 1200 (x4)

Monitor Mixing Console: Yamaha M7CL

Microphone Package:
Shure SM 58 (x5)
SM 57 (x3)
ULX SM 58 (x2)
ULX LAV (x2)
AKG D112 (x1)
Audix 15 (x1)
D2 (x2)
D4 (x2)
ADX 81 (x2)
Whirlwind Director (x2)

Communication System: Clearcom

Orchestra Pit

Capacity – up to 30
No lift – access is extreme
UR and tunnels under stage

Dressing Rooms

2 chorus dressing rooms
4 private dressing rooms
2-channel Clearcom system


1-10’ balcony rail
1 permanent front of house location
4 permanent box boom locations – 2 per side
Magic-Q Pro 2010 lighting console with remote focus ability
2 ETC dimmer racks with 96 dual 2.4 kw modules& 6 additional NON-Dim cards
2 Altman Explorer follow spots

8 @ 10’ tall Dance Booms